Principle First

|| by Will Galloway || Columbia – When I first got involved in politics, what attracted me to the conservative movement was the vision of statesmen leaders offering moral leadership and implementing conservative policies with an aspirational, hopeful message. My political heroes quickly became people like George H.W. Bush, Jack Kemp, Rick Santorum, and Carroll Campbell. I […]

What To Watch In Tomorrow’s Elections

|| by Will Galloway || Blythewood – Tomorrow, Americans from Washington state to Florida will head to the polls for a variety of elections. Some of these have the potential to be very consequential, and here’s what you should be watching for: Virginia Governor’s Election The most high profile contest tomorrow will be for Governor of Virginia, a […]

Breaking Down The Tax Bill

|| by Will Galloway || Columbia – Today, Congressional Republicans released a plan to overhaul our antiquated and complicated tax code. In this article, I’ll be breaking down the bill, which President Trump reportedly wanted to call the “Tax Cut Cut Cut Act,” and sharing why I support it. Currently, the US Corporate Tax is 35%, the highest […]

On Charlottesville

|| by Will Galloway || Columbia – Over the course of the past week, the United States has been shaken to its core. We have seen white nationalists march on one of our most historic cities, the radical left respond, and protests turn deadly. We have also seen a President’s disheartening equivocation in condemning the protests, a Missouri […]

The Forgotten Concept of Statesmanship

|| by Will Galloway || Columbia – Henry Clay. John Calhoun. Daniel Webster. Robert Taft. Robert La Follette. Sam Houston. Charles Sumner. These men, among others, are some of the greatest Statesmen in the history of the United States Senate. During their service in the worlds greatest deliberative body, they were not perfect, but they all men of […]

Kevin Bryant Running For Governor

|| by Will Galloway || Columbia – Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant on Friday became the 4th Republican to throw his hat into the race for South Carolina Governor in 2018, joining Gov. Henry McMaster, former Lt. Gov. Yancey McGill, and former DHEC Director Catherine Templeton. Bryant previously served as a Senator from Anderson County before becoming Lt. Governor […]

The Problem With The Champagne Socialists

|| by Will Galloway || Columbia – Yesterday, the smugness of the liberal elite was on full display. In a grotesque and horrific attempt at “comedy,” Kathy Griffin held up what appeared to be the bloodied, decapitated head of President Donald Trump. This picture, which has an uncanny resemblance to the iconography of Jihadis in the Middle East, clearly […]