Will Galloway is a passionate conservative and unapologetic optimist. In middle school, he was drafted into a political speech and debate elective, where he fell in love with the Constitution and the political process, but he quickly became concerned about the direction his country was going.

He became convicted that it was not enough to sit on the sidelines and hope. He knew that he had to get involved and Turn The Tide.

This website was his first experience with articulating his political views, and while those views have changed a little since middle school, his core convictions of Constitutionally limited government and personal responsibility have remained rock solid, and he has consistently worked to promote these convictions through as many platforms as possible.


In addition to this website, Will Galloway’s political involvement has included working on campaigns at every level from the Presidential to the State House and everything in between. He is also in his second term as Chairman of the South Carolina Federation of Teenage Republicans, and previously served as Vice Chairman. He was also the June 2016 SC Republican of the Month, and the 77th Governor of Palmetto Boys State.

boys state speech

Campaign Experience:

  • Rick Santorum for President
  • Marco Rubio for President
  • Nikki Haley for Governor
  • Tim Scott for US Senate
  • Det Bowers for US Senate
  • Joe Wilson for US Congress
  • Tom Mullikin for US Congress
  • SCGOP Victory 2014, 2016
  • Susan Brill for Senate District 22

Media Experience:

  • Published twice in one of South Carolina’s most prominent political blogs, FITSNews.com
  • Appeared multiple times on local network affiliates, and featured multiple times in print newspapers.


  • 77th Governor of Palmetto Boys State
  • Attendee of 2017 Boys Nation (Alumni of note include Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, Tom Cotton, Ben Sasse, and Scott Walker)
  • June 2016 SCGOP Republican of the Month
  • Co-Chairman, SC Patriot Voices
  • Chairman, SC Federation of Teenage Republicans (Second Term)

One comment

  1. Hey Will, I have just found out about your blog and after reading several articles I am very impressed with your knowledge of the current political climate and your opinions on such. I would think that your parents and teachers are very proud of you. Looking forward to your next article.
    Jon Landon


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