#SCGov: Why I’m Voting For John Warren


|| by Will Galloway ||

Columbia – On Tuesday, South Carolina Republicans will decide who will be their nominee for Governor of South Carolina. For much of the election cycle, I was uninspired by the field, and went back and forth between a few of the candidates. Then John Warren entered the race.

In my first conversation with Warren, he struck me as a statesman leader. He is humble and not particularly flashy, but intensely confident. He possesses a deep understanding of complex policy issues, and a heartfelt love for the state.

As a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps and founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar company that employs hundreds of people and is ranked as the most ethical company in South Carolina, I am confident that John Warren will be a strong voice for good in Columbia.

John Warren remains the only candidate in the race to have substantively addressed ethical reform. He has called for firing of the Santee Cooper board and an end to no bid contracts in State Government.

Warren is the only candidate to have put forward a real, meaningful plan to increase the amount of money that will go into our classrooms by consolidating rural, redundant school districts and administration positions.

Over the last few months, I have gotten to know John Warren. I know he is a man of his word, and I know he is a man who loves this state. John will be a truly passionate advocate for this state, and I hope you will join me in voting for him on Tuesday.

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