John Warren Officially Enters Governor’s Race


|| by Will Galloway ||

Columbia – Greenville’s John Warren entered the Republican gubernatorial primary on Sunday night, adding a fifth name to a very contentious race. The 38-year old Marine Corps veteran is the founder and CEO of Lima One Capital.

One prominent GOP leader recently said that if there’s a dark horse in the race for the Republican nomination, its Warren. We’re inclined to agree. Rumor is that he has already lined up a top-tier group of strategists, activists, and donors for his gubernatorial bid. Even so, he will have to move very fast to make up for lost time.

As we wrote recently, two candidates in the race already have over two million dollars in the bank, and the remaining two candidates both have held statewide positions before. Warren does, however, bring an extensive ability to self-fund his campaign.

If his campaign website and announcement video are any indication, Warren will be leaning very hard into his time as a US Marine. He says he lead over 300 combat missions, and was decorated for “valor” and “heroic achievement.”

Watch Warren’s announcement video here:

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