What To Watch In Tomorrow’s Elections

|| by Will Galloway ||

Blythewood – Tomorrow, Americans from Washington state to Florida will head to the polls for a variety of elections. Some of these have the potential to be very consequential, and here’s what you should be watching for:

Virginia Governor’s Election

The most high profile contest tomorrow will be for Governor of Virginia, a razor-thin and intensely nasty contest between Lt. Governor Ralph Northam (D) and former Bush administration official and RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie (R) that may foreshadow next year’s midterms.

So what exactly should you be watching for on election night? Collin Lee, a well-connected Virginia conservative activist, shared his insight with us.

“Gillespie is going to do very, very well in southern Virginia. The key is northern Virginia, there’s millions of votes there and that’s where elections are won and lost. If Gillespie does well there, he wins,” Lee said.

“The counties to watch are Hanover, Chesterfield, and Henrico, as well as the Hampton Roads area. If Gillespie does well there, it’s going to be a good night,” he added.

“For Ed to find success tomorrow he’ll need to play well in the outer rim of Northern Virginia, especially Facquier and Fairfax counties, flip Chesapeake, increase turnout in Virginia Beach, and sustain the turnout Trump had in the southwest. If he does those things I think he’ll win,” added Ian Waite, another Virginia activist with strong GOP ties.

This is the first statewide election in a swing state since Donald Trump became President of the United States, and operatives from both political parties consider it to be an augury of the 2018 midterms, and both have poured millions into the state. Because of this, outside third-party groups have launched vicious attack ads on both candidates, and the race has turned extremely negative.

After we find out whether Gillespie or Northam win, I’ll have an article about the impact of this on next years elections.

Chapin, S.C. Mayor’s Election

Closer to home for many of our readers, residents of Chapin, South Carolina, have the potential to elect the youngest female mayor in American history – ever!

20-year old College of Charleston student Shayla Flores is one of three candidates running for Mayor of Chapin, and she has run an aggressive, grassroots campaign addressing local issues.

“My campaign has been based around a planning centric movement, involving zoning and tax reform to ensure the best chance at surviving against the oncoming growth barreling towards my town. There was a need for change in Chapin and I ran on the hope and belief that I would be the one to usher it in. City planning is essential to every town, and in mine there was a deep wedge between the people and their government making it inefficient and highly unpopular. The people of my home town deserved better and I wanted nothing more than to do right by them. A love of my community, a working knowledge of what is needed by way of comprehensive town planning, and a bright vision for the future of my home were and are the reasons I am proud to run for the office of Mayor of Chapin,” says Ms. Flores.

Washington 45th Senate District

In the Pacific Northwest, the Washington State Senate is on the line. The party of the winner of the 45th district will control the state’s upper chamber, where republicans currently hold a razor thin one vote majority.

Senate district 45 is a traditionally republican area, but was carried by Clinton last November by 65%. Democratic nominee Manka Dhingra is the heavy favorite, but if Republican nominee Jinyoung Englund can pull off an upset win, then it will mean that Republicans can still compete – and win – in blue turf in the Trump era.

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