New Year’s Resolutions For The Young Conservative

|| by Will Galloway ||

Columbia – Gotta love New Years, right? When we make resolutions only to break them come February. I think that’s because we often pick resolutions that don’t fit into our daily lives. Learning Spanish takes a daily commitment of time, energy, and effort. Here are a handful now New Year’s Resolutions that will make a positive impact on your life, but are a lot easier than learning Spanish.

  1. Read more – “The best advice I ever got was knowledge is power and to keep on reading” ~ David Bailey. Also, check out our reading list.
  2. Put down the phone – Cell phones are great. Through text, snapchat, and social media, I can keep in contact with friends all over the country. However, these things often come between us and our friends. When you’re hanging out with someone, put down the phone. When you’re at dinner, put down the phone. When you’re on a date, put down the phone.
  3. Listen more – As young people have all throughout history, we want to be heard. And we have more platforms to be heard than anyone else ever before. But sometimes, it’s beneficial to remember that God gave us two ears and only one mouth.

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