An Open Letter To The Electors

|| by Will Galloway ||

Columbia – On Monday, 538 men and women will cast their vote for President of the United States. These electors have been bombarded with requests that they change their vote, but it is imperative that they hold firm and cast their ballot to the rightful winner of their vote.

Texas elector Chris Suprun has already declared that he intends to be unfaithful in his vote. In doing so, he has betrayed the people of the Lone Star State, and has betrayed the founding of this republic. When an elector casts a vote for someone other than their pledged candidate, they are not protesting a person, they are protesting a system of government. They are actively undermining public trust of the constitutional system, and this is truly reprehensible.

If Donald Trump is an elector’s pledged candidate, he or she must vote for Trump. If Hillary Clinton is an elector’s pledged candidate, he or she must vote for Clinton. When people cite Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Paper No. 68 as a defense for faithless voting, they show a fundamental misunderstanding of the system.

The potential system that Hamilton was advocating for was one where we voted for slates of electors rather than candidates. This is not the system that was adopted, and cannot be used to justify a betrayal of the public trust.

And so I ask the 538 members of the electoral college to uphold the constitution and the Republic, and vote as they are pledged to do.


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