In Defense of Donald Trump

|| by Will Galloway ||

Columbia – Those of you who are regular readers of this blog will know that I was no fan of his. I endorsed two of his primary opponents, and then supported the protest candidacy of Evan McMullin. But after Donald J. Trump was elected to become the 45th President of the United States, I have been thoroughly impressed by the administration he has been putting together. This is a defense of Mr. Trump’s new government.

The left, including many in the media establishment, has demonized Trump supporters as racist, misogynist, and in the words of their Presidential candidate, “a basket of deplorables.” This inaccurate and mean-spirited overture to identity politics is what created the anti-establishment wave that rocked the world on November 8th, yet the globalist left has doubled down on these attacks in the wake of this election.

No attacks have been as repulsive as those lodged against Senator Jeff Sessions, Mr. Trump’s nominee as Attorney General. The radical left has labeled Sessions as a racist because of unsubstantiated allegations leveled against him during a judicial nomination thirty years ago. This is the same Jeff Sessions who crippled the Ku Klux Klan in Alabama by bringing the death penalty against it’s leader, and the same Jeff Sessions who used the court system to desegregate Alabama schools.

What the left does not realize is that this sort of bitter and divisive invective has contributed, more than perhaps any other factor, to the frustration and anger that propelled a complete and total outsider the most powerful office in the world. And if the so-called progressives actually wants to bring reconciliation to this country, they should not condone the wholesale dismissal of the 62 million Americans who voted for Donald J. Trump.

No President, Trump or any of his predecessors, has the capacity for perfection. Our leaders are graded on a sliding scale, with the best presidents having their flaws exposed and our worst leaders having their good qualities highlighted. Only time will tell where Donald Trump fits on this scale, but he is in a unique position to bring much needed change to this country.

He has pledged a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan, a removal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and de-regulation of the economy. These are things that many candidates have campaigned on, yet have punted on in office. We must hold out hope that Trump will stay true to his word.

For the time being anyway, you can count me in to #DrainTheSwamp and Make America Great Again!


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