How Conservatives Can Find Meaning In Labor Day

|| by Will Galloway ||

Columbia – Labor Day began in New York as the brainchild of big labor, and became a federal holiday in the aftermath of the Pullman strike, and has become the quintessential liberal holiday. Even so, there is value for conservatives to find in Labor Day.

Blue collar conservatism emerged from Rick Santorum’s 2012 primary bid, and Donald Trump rode a wave of blue collar populism to the Republican nomination. Even as we conservatives debate the merits and problems of a Trump candidacy, we must accept that his focus on blue collar workers, a historically democratic constituency, is an undisputed positive.

The cornerstone of conservatism holds that it was not big government or big business that built this country, it was the work ethic and determination of our people. While the progressive left uses the first Monday of September to celebrate the antiquated ideology of Big Labor, we should celebrate it as a day honoring the American work ethic and the people who built this country.

When we think of American Industry, we tend to think of people like John D. Rockefeller and Steve Jobs, and these people are integral to the American concepts of capitalism, opportunity, and industry. But even more worthy of celebration are the men and women whose names will not be written down in the history books, who earned their doctorate with a hammer and a nail.

These are the people and the concepts that we should be celebrating on Labor Day. As conservatives, we know that these are the people who built this country, and we know that by focusing on the free market, they will continue to make this country better than it has ever been before.

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