Who I’m Supporting On Tuesday

This Tuesday, South Carolinians will go to the polls to decide a number of contested primary races. Here are a few of the candidates I’m supporting:

Republican Primary

House 39: Ralph Kennedy has demonstrated that he is a principled social and fiscal conservative, and deserves another term in the State House

House 69: Ryan Holt is the best choice for this Lexington County district. He will bring a new generation of leadership to the House and will fight for conservative principles.

House 71: Nathan Ballentine is one of the most committed conservatives in the House, and the people of district 71 would be remiss not to re-elect him.

House 89: Micah Caskey was one of the most talented prosecutors in the state, and will bring a new generation of leadership to the state house if elected.

11th Circuit Solicitor: Rick Hubbard is the most qualified candidate for this position, and has the most courtroom experience.

Senate 31: Richard Skipper is the first credible challenger to the corrupt Senate leader Hugh Leatherman in years. The people of Florence would be wise to elect Skipper, and thereby bring a new era of moral leadership to the Senate.

Democratic Primary

Richland County Sheriff: Leon Lott has not been a perfect Sheriff, but he is the best choice to keep Richland County safe. Lott has led the Richland County Sheriff’s department for 20 years, and has the experience necessary to lead for another term.

Senate 17: Creighton Coleman is the best candidate for this seat, representing Fairfield, Chester, Union, and York counties. He has demonstrated bipartisanship in the Senate, a quality not shared by many of his democratic counterparts.

Senate 21: Wendy Brawley is a fiscally responsible democrat who would be a vast improvement on the incumbent Darrell Jackson.


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