Why I’m Supporting Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

|| by Will Galloway ||

Columbia – I had initially supported Senator Rick Santorum for the Republican presidential nomination, but after he suspended his campaign earlier this month, I chose to follow him in supporting Senator Marco Rubio. Here is why.

Of the remaining candidates in the race, Marco Rubio is the best on foreign policy, education policy, and life issues, three of the most important issues to me.

On foreign policy, Marco Rubio is unrivaled in his knowledge and expertise. During the New Hampshire debate, he called for a broader understanding of the sectarian violence in the mideast. Rubio and Santorum were the only candidates to call for this, and they both know that without a detailed understanding of the root of the Middle Eastern crisis, we cannot hope to solve it. Rubio has laid out three guiding principles of his foreign policy; American Strength, protection of the American economy in a globalized world, and moral clarity in foreign policy. These guiding principles, along with his experience in the United States Senate, makes Senator Rubio the best candidate in the race on foreign policy.

On education, Rubio stands alone. Rubio’s record on education reaches back to his tenure as speaker of the Florida House and continued into his time in the Senate. He has worked with Senator Mike Lee to create a number of important pieces of legislation on education, including the Student Know Before You Go Act, which would allow students to see their earning and employment potential from a given major. He also has proposed a dramatic overhaul of our curriculum and school system, focusing on an increase in vocational education. Senator Rubio knows that not every child needs to go to college, but every student deserves the opportunity for a quality education.

On life, Senator Rubio has received a 100 percent rating from the National Right to Life association. He recognizes the dignity of every human life, and has proclaimed that he would rather loose the general election than be wrong on the issue of life. He has led on this issue, compared to several other candidates who merely claim to be pro life (and one who once proclaimed himself “very pro choice).

Finally, Marco Rubio has the potential to do what Ronald Reagan did 36 years ago; to define conservatism for a generation of Americans. As I go to school and talk with my friends and classmates about our future, we do not see the dreary and bleak dystopia of Trump and Cruz. Rather, we see Marco Rubio’s New American Century. I hope that you will join me in supporting Senator Rubio for President.


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