Bloomberg Mulling Presidential Campaign

|| by Will Galloway ||

Columbia – Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is mapping out a Presidential bid, eying an announcement by March. Bloomberg, who has been critical of the two party system, has flirted with a bid in the past, but always stopped short of entering.

He’s apparently conducted a national poll to test how he would fare against Trump and Clinton, and is planning to conduct a handful more during February. It’s unclear which voters would make up his natural support base; his positions on life, immigration, and gun rights infuriate conservative voters, while his positions on wall street and finance are anathema to the left.

He would, however, be a force to be reckoned with – he’s told advisors he will invest upwards of $1 billion into the campaign. His strategy, advisors say, would be detailed policy proposals coupled with an intense advertising campaign designed to portray him as an analytical technocrat.

He has set a deadline of March for his announcement. This, his team contends, would allow him to see how Trump and Sanders fare in early states while also giving him time to navigate the ballot access requirements.

He has reportedly been studying third party bids sense the Teddy Roosevelt ran as a Bull Moose in 1912, paying special attention to the campaigns of Ross Perot and John Anderson.

A recent Morning Consult poll that included Bloomberg had him trailing the two leading candidates; Trump and Clinton were in the margin of error, with 37 and 36 respectively, and Bloomberg at 13.



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