Jenny Horne Challenges Mark Sanford

|| by Will Galloway ||

Columbia – State Representative Jenny Horne (R-Dorchester) will be challenging incumbent congressman Mark Sanford in SC’s 1st Congressional District.

Horne achieved national attention during last year’s Confederate flag debate, in which she made a dubious claim to be a descendent of Jefferson Davis. Regardless of Horne’s ancestry, we have deeper problems with her candidacy. Most significantly, she was one of only 16 republicans to vote against The SC Educational Opportunity Act, a bill that granted universal school choice. The bill passed the House by one vote, 60-59.

We’re also not in the Sanford fan club. From his disgracing the office of Governor to his vote to give President Obama Trade Promotion Authority. Therefore, we will not be endorsing either candidate in this race.

The first congressional district represents a broad coastal swath, including parts of Beaufort, Dorchester, Colleton, Charleston, and Berkeley counties.

Charleston businesswoman Catherine Templeton had also considered running for the seat, but sources close to Templeton tell us that she is instead leaning toward making a run for the Governorship in 2018.

Horne’s decision to run for Congress will leave her House seat vacant. House district 94, which is based out of Summerville, is safely Republican. A contentious primary race will likely emerge, and Dorchester county council member Carroll Duncan announced today that she intends to seek the seat.


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