Carson Camp Implosion

|| by Will Galloway ||

Columbia – One time GOP frontrunner Ben Carson’s presidential campaign has entered a state of chaos this week.

In an interview shortly before Christmas, Carson said that he was planning a campaign shakeup due to his steep decline in national and early state polling. Now, at least 20 members of the formerly 150 person staff have quit. Those include former campaign manager Barry Bennett, deputy campaign manage Lisa Coen, and communications director Doug Watts.

Carson’s huge fundraising numbers also prove deceptive. In the 3rd fundraising quarter of 2015, Carson had an astronomical burn rate of 70%. By comparison, Marco Rubio’s burn rate in the same quarter was 30%. Much of Carson’s money is going right back into fundraising. In one instance, he spent $500,000 on a direct mail campaign that yielded $44,000 in return.

These two things may be the death nail for Dr. Carson’s Campaign. The loss of several staffers forces him to restructure his campaign less than a month before the voting begins, rather than barnstorming the early states as other candidates are doing. On top of this, virtually all of the top tier staffers have already committed to rival candidates, leaving Carson struggling to find new operatives.

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