The Jihadis of Belgium


|| by Will Galloway ||

Molenbeek is a suburb of the Belgian Capitol of Brussels. In recent years, this once-quaint town has gained a reputation as the capitol of European Jihad.

Molenbeek has been connected to nearly every instance of European Islamic terror this century. The town began to earn it’s reputation as early as 2001. Two Taliban freedom fighters, Karim Touzani and Kacen Bakkali, assassinated an Afghan freedom fighter there.

Subsequent attacks involving Molenbeek include Charlie Hebdo, Train bombings, a shooting at a Jewish museum, and yes, the Paris Attacks.

Why Belgium?

By all historical and political reasoning, Belgium should not exist as an independent state. The state is about 40% Flemish, 40% French, and 20% German. It was once part of the Spanish Netherlands, but it’s majority-Protestant population was subject to heavy persecution from the Spanish King. This was followed by a short period of Austrian rule, followed by United Provinces of the Netherlands.

Today, Belgium has no fewer than 6 (SIX!!!) Governments: A federal government, a Flemish government, a French Government, a German Government, a government of the Walloon region, and a government of Brussels.

The political, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and historical disunity of the Belgian state makes it nearly impossible for authorities to enforce laws and defend civil order.

The various Belgian states have each turned a blind eye to the systematic radicalization of the Muslim population in their country. This has allowed Molenbeek to devolve into a den of Radicalism.

The Worst Part

Molenbeek’s terrorists have by and large not attacked their own country. Instead, they have functioned as a hub of operations for attacks against other countries, mainly France.

And the internal disunity of the Belgian state has made it next to impossible for French and European officials to track any terrorist.

While Belgium made 23 arrests over the weekend, hundreds of other Jihadis go unwatched. Most disturbing is Salah Abdeslam, suspected Paris Attacker, who could be anywhere from Molenbeek to Paris to Syria.


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