States Should Refuse Syrian Refugees

Copy of United States Data Map.png

|| by Will Galloway ||

Columbia- So far, 23 Governors (And one governor-elect) have rejected the Syrian Refugee Resettlement plan, telling the federal government that they will refuse to allow refugees in their states. This includes 21 Republican governors and 2 democrats, from New Hampshire and Montana.

kurdistan-mapI applaud all of these Governors. To relocate all embattled Christians and
Yazidis to the United States. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria wants to
“purify” its territories of any religion other than their barbaric form of Islam. The refugee resettlement program would only serve to aid in this goal. We need to establish a temporary safe haven in Syria, Turkey, or Saudi Arabia for Arab Christians and Zoroastrian Yazidis. We should then promote an independent Kurdish state and allow the Christians and Yazidis to settle there. There would be several benefits to this solution, and it would deal an existential blow to one of ISIS’s main goals.

syria__d8b3d988d8b1d98ad8a7_d8b9d8b0d8b1d8a7_d985d988d984d8a7d986d8a7_d8a7d984d8aed984d98ad981d8a9__d984d8a7_d8b1d8b9d98ad8a9_d984d983_d98The most important reason for not accepting refugees, however, would be national security. It has become clear following the massacre in Paris that thousands of radical Wahhabi Muslims entered into Europe with the refugees, and eight of them led one of the largest terrorist attacks on mainland Europe – ever. ISIS desires to create a global caliphate, and, because they believe they live in the end-times, will stop at nothing to create the caliphate. By sending just a small handful of well-trained fighters within the refugees, ISIS could wreak havoc across the United States in attacks similar to the Paris Massacre.

If the governor of your state has not yet rejected the Syrian refugee resettlement program, I would strongly encourage you to email or call their office and ask them to do so.

And for South Carolina readers, here is a copy of Governor Nikki Haley’s letter to Secretary of State John Kerry regarding the Syrian Refugees.

UPDATE: 28 Governors (Or governors-elect) have now agreed to ban refugees: Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maine, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Indiana, Mississippi, Illonois, Ohio, Arkansas, New Jersey, Idaho, Kansas, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Iowa, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Montana, Alabama, and Michigan.



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