Je Suis Paris

|| by Will Galloway ||

Columbia- Je Suis Paris. We are all Paris. Fourteen years ago, France stood with us after the brutal attack on our homeland. Today, we must stand in solidarity with the French after a despicable attack from an evil jihadist group.

French President Francois Hollande declared the attacks to be “an act of war.” He said, “An act committed by a terrorist army, Daesh (Arabic name for ISIS), against France, our values, who we are, a free country that speaks to the entire planet.

For the first time since Nazi occupation in 1944, Paris is under curfew. For the first time in recent memory, French borders are closed.

The attacks mark a new time for the Islamic State. They are no longer content with controlling an area larger than many American states; they demand a global caliphate ruled under Islamic sharia law. They want to control Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. And because they believe that they are living in the end-times, they will sacrifice anything to accomplish their goals.

We must create a broad international coalition of western countries to go in, and in the words of Rick Santorum, “bomb ISIS back to the seventh century!” We can show no mercy with these people, and we must take them out before they enter into the western world.

It is time to take serious action against ISIS. We have run out of time and options. It is time to act, or watch the western world begin to fall apart.

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