Welcome Back, SC Mudslinging!

|| by Will Galloway ||

Columbia- Just when you thought that our state, famous for dirty campaign tactics, would have a clean campaign season, Charleston came out in full force. First was a vicious, false series of attacks leveled by liberal candidate Ginny Deerin against centrist Leon Stavrinakis, whom we have endorsed.

This sparked a prolonged feud between Stavrinakis and Deerin. We are proud of how Stavrinakis has handled the attacks, still refusing to go negative and remaining focused on the issues. Deerin, on the other hand, has upped her attacks on Stavrinakis in recent weeks, perhaps in an attempt to knock either Stavrinakis or the affable businessman John Tecklenburg (Both of whom are outpolling her) out of the runoff.

Then, earlier this week, a very strange and mysterious mailer about Deerin went out. No one is quite sure who sent it, and it seems out of character for both leading candidates, and Deerin would have no benefit from attacking herself.

Here is an image of the mailer:

This does not look to be a professional political mailer of any kind; it even asks voters to support a Ginny “Deering”. It’s an interesting attack for a Holy City candidate. Charleston voters are among the most liberal in the state, and in 2006, the majority of residents voted against constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in 2008.

I don’t see anyone who stands to benefit from this attack, with maybe the exception of the four bottom-tier candidates also seeking the office.


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