Policy Position #3: Education

| by Will GallowayColumbia, S.C. | note: This article is a re-post from 14 Feb., 2015

We need a school system that will prepare our students for a career in the future. Right now, our schools do not do that. We are preparing generations of “intellectuals” or “scholars” who are unprepared for the real world. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that literature, english, math, and history are not important, and it is vital that students have a strong grounding in these subjects. However, it is very important that we have an educational system that prepares our students for a career in the real world. Here are the steps that we need to take for our students.

  • Elementary School: Students should develop a strong grounding in basic world and US history, basic mathematics, understanding of english grammar, and basic understanding of science. Students should also be introduced to computer science.
  • Middle School: First year: Students should begin to read literature at a grade-appropriate level and write creative literature and begin essay writing. Students should learn basic world geography and history from ancient civilizations to Renaissance. Students should continue to develop mathematical skills so that they will be prepared for algebra or pre-algebra courses next year. Students should understand basic physical sciences, including Newton’s laws. Second Year: Students should focus on classic literature, more complex English grammar, and persuasive writing. Students should move on to either pre-Algebra courses, and teachers should make an effort to show how these skills will be used in real-life situations. Students should continue to learn world history, from the Renaissance to the present. They will also continue to learn science, and should participate in a competitive Science Fair, utilizing the scientific method and all the skills that they have learned up to this point. Students should also take personal health and physical education courses now. 3rd Year: Students should continue to expand on their writing skills and learn media literacy. Students should learn the basics of the US Constitution and Founding, and learn state history. They should move on to an Algebra 1 course. Finally, they should study life science and basic earth science.
  • High School
    • 9th Grade: Should take a Human Geography course. Students will also continue to study literature and expand writing and debate skills. They should take a biology and ecology class that also encompasses basic environmental science. Students should also take a geometry course.
    • 10th Grade: Should learn European history. English class this year should focus on writing and debate. Public speaking skills should also be taught. Students should take a chemistry class in the 10th grade. Students will move on to Algebra II. In this grade, students will also learn basic computer programming.
    • 11th Grade: Students will learn US history. English class this year will focus on literature and writing skills. Students will take Physics. They will have the option of Algebra III, Pre-Calculus, or Statistics.
    • 12th Grade: Students should take US Government, as well as Personal Finance and Economics. Students will not be required to take a science this year, but will have the option of several. Math will be determined by which option was chosen last year. English will focus on writing skills.
    • Class Requirements: Students will be required to take at least one fine art credit, and two language credits, and two other elective credits.
    • Work Requirement: Students will be required to take at least one trade class OR 80 hours of employment/internship.

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