Trump Gets It

Donald Trump gets it. People are angry. And they should be. We have a professional political class in this country, interested in nothing but self-promotion. In a country ruled by Frank Underwood’s and Niccolo Machiavelli’s, it is more than reasonable for people to want a leader who is his own man, and doesn’t give a rip about anything or anyone.

Most candidates have a strict set of talking points that have been tested by pollsters and focus groups. Not Trump. He says whatever he thinks. If you like it, awesome. If you don’t, too bad.

Trump says what people think. People are angry about what is going on with Mexico, and Trump gives them a voice. People are tired of politicians who use legal jargon and convoluted words to sugar-coat a policy that benefits lobbyists, not them. Trump is anything but that, and he “doesn’t give a s*** about lobbyists!”.

Trump may win, he may loose. But he has changed the way this election works. No longer will the media (or Trump’s epic twitter page for that matter!) accept canned answers from politicians, and no longer can they dodge and weave around questions.

Regardless of what you think of Trump, or his positions, or yuuuge walls, you have to accept that he has been good for the American Political Process.


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