2016 Money Race

Wednesday was the deadline for the 2016 Presidential Candidates to file their fundraising reports. Here is what the money race looks like so far:

  1. Jeb Bush ran away with the money last quarter: 11.4 Million dollars in the official campaign committee, and another 103 million in affiliated super-pacs, most notably Right to Rise PAC, for a total of 114.4 Million.
  2. On the democratic side, Hillary Clinton raised a record setting 46.7 million for her official campaign committee, and 15.6 million for Priorities USA, for a grand total of 62.3 million
  3. Ted Cruz raised an impressive total of 52.2 Million, with 20% of that in the official committee.
  4. Marco Rubio pulled in 9.9 million for his campaign, with 31.8 million in super pacs.
  5. Rick Perry raised a meager 1.1 million for his official campaign, but raked in 16.8 million in Super Pac money, for a grand total of 17.9 million
  6. Bernie Sanders has proved to be a fundraising power house in his own right, raising 15.2 million for the campaign, and refusing to take any super pac money.
  7. Bobby Jindal’s super pac carried his campaign; his committee raised just over 500,000 dollars but the super pac brought him to a total of 9.3 million
  8. Ben Carson has raised 8.5 million, and his super pac has not yet reported.
  9. Mike Huckabee’s campaign raised 2 million with another 6 million for a grand total of 8 million
  10. Rand Paul has raised 7 million, and has not yet reported any super pac money.
  11. Carly Fiorina has raised 1.7 million with 3.4 million in her super pac, for a total of 5.1 million
  12. Lindsey Graham brought in 3.7 million with no super pacs,
  13. Martin O’Malley brought in 2 million, no super pacs,
  14. Trump lent himself 1.8 million and raised another 100,000
  15. Rick Santorum raised 607,617. A super pac, expected to be funded in large part by hedge fund manager Foster Friess, was formed after the filing deadline
  16. Lincoln Chafee raised 392,000 this deadline.
  17. George Pataki raised a pitiful 236,000 with only 150 donors.

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