Cruz on Trade: Capitulation or Consistency?

As I explained here, the TPP and the TPA would both be detrimental to the United States, costing American jobs, destroying our international standing and giving far too much executive authority to a reckless president.

One would have thought that a man who has said that Obama has violated the “entire Bill of Rights” and has called him “dangerous and terrifying” would not be voting to give Obama unilateral trade authority. But here he is, announcing his support for the TPP and TPA under the guise of free trade.

The fact is, TPP is not about trade. Of the 12 countries involved in the negotiations, 76% of our trade comes from Mexico and Canada, where trade is already covered by NAFTA. Also, only two of the 26 chapters of the TPP deal with trade.

As I’ve said before, the TPP is about making global laws more uniform by giving international bureaucracies authority to create regulations and set trade tariffs, and taking those authorities away from the democratically elected US Congress.  TPA is about giving President Obama near-unilateral power over trade negotiations on the TPP. Obama has been less than friendly with Congress over the last 6 years, and there is no reason to think that he would be any more friendly with the new trade negotiations.

So why is “conservative” “pro-free trade” Ted Cruz supporting both of these deals?


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