I’m With Rick

I will be totally and unreservedly supporting Rick Santorum in the 2016 Presidential Elections. Here is why.

  1. He understands the importance of Blue Collar America. America’s manufacturing and industrial community has long been the backbone of this country. Unfortunately, this economic sector has been stagnant since the financial collapse. Santorum has a clear understanding of how to bring manufacturing jobs back to America.
  2. He is consistent and principled on Social Issues. While in the US Senate, he authored a Constitutional Marriage Amendment. This was the only time such an amendment has ever been voted on. He also authored the Partial Birth Abortion Ban. He sponsored or co-sponsored every major piece of pro-life legislation proposed during his Senate tenure.
  3. He is strong on National Security. He actually authored the crushing sanctions on Iran (interestingly, he was opposed by Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and John Kerry). He also brings 8 years of Armed Services Committee experience to the table.
  4. He has been fighting for Fiscal Sanity since before I was born. When Rick Santorum was in the US Senate, he advocated for a Balanced Budget Amendment, authored the landmark Welfare Reform Act, and supported the No Budget, No Pay plan (meaning that legislators must pass a budget before they would receive any compensation).
  5. He understands the importance of school choice and vocational education. He has fought this fight long before Common Core, and has continued to be a leading voice on this issue.

I hope you will join me in supporting Rick Santorum. Visit RickSantorum.Com



  1. I was a fan of Rick Santorum from the beginning. He was right on many things he said. The only area I really disagreed with him on is his opposition to same sex marriage. Otherwise, I agreed with pretty much everything else he said. Had his campaign survived in 2012 to election day, I would have voted for him in the general election.


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