A Dark Horse Emerges

Carly Fiorina should by no means be running for President. She lost her only race by 10 points to Barbara Boxer. She led Hewlett Packard during a difficult downsizing, and was fired after a “board-room brawl.” But she is running, and right now, she is surging. Why?

It’s possible that the base is just looking for a fresh face, like when Herman Cain was briefly a frontrunner in 2012. But it is more likely that she is one of the best communicators in the party now, and she says things from an outsider, bottom-up point of view that resonates with the average American.

Her story, of rising from secretary to CEO, is incredible and a true American Dream story. She is arguing not only that we need to reign in big government, but also big business. She has brought a fresh take on the bank bailouts, and has argued successfully against abortion.

And so while Carly Fiorina will most likely not be our nominee, she will be at the top of a very short list of Vice Presidential candidates.


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