ISIS Must Be Destroyed

At the SCGOP Convention last saturday, former U.S. Senator and likely 2016 Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum said, “ISIS practices a 7th century form of Islam… so let’s bomb them back to the 7th century!” Senator Santorum is right. This week, ISIS took credit for a terror attack in Texas. Shortly thereafter, it claimed to have over 71 trained fighters in 15 states, several of which have signed up for attacks similar to the one in Texas, or so they say. Read more here.

Today, FBI Chief James Comey stated that ISIS potentially has thousands of followers online in the American Homeland. Read the article here.

In order to defeat ISIS, we must first understand it. ISIS believes in a radical form of Islam called Wahhabism, which calls for a global caliphate and mass institutions of Sharia law. They believe that the world must be purged of not only non-Muslims, but also moderate, non-Wahhabi Muslims. They also believes that they are living in the end of times, and therefore have nothing to lose.

Therefore, nothing less than total annihilation can solve the problem of ISIS. Containment is not an option with this type of group. They must be obliterated, and the sooner the better.


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