So Bernie Sanders 2016 Is Happening…

The great liberal alternative to Hillary Clinton has arrived, and it’s not Elizabeth Warren. It’s not even Martin O’Malley. It’s the Junior Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. A socialist, really? C’mon democrats!

I have to give Sanders some credit; he stands up for what he believes in and seems to truly care about the middle class. But he has no chance even in the most liberal of sectors, who are pre-occupied with the idea of Warren 2016. In Iowa, he averages 6.6%, in New Hampshire, 11.3%, and in South Carolina, 2.5%. Not the numbers you need to win any nomination, much less a democratic nomination when Hillary Clinton is in the race.

That doesn’t even take into account his policies. While the guy is sincere, passionate, and honest, he is also delusional. The guy honestly believes that it would be a good idea to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour, and that doing so would actually be good for the economy. He’s also a radical green who promotes “clean” energy at whatever cost, without regard for what that would do to the economy. He continues to decry big money and special interests in Washington, but turns a blind eye to the actions of the Big Labor Unions.

I would encourage my democratic friends to take a look at Jim Webb for their nomination, and to write off Bernie Sanders as soon as possible.


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