Why Marco Rubio Can Win

Yesterday, Senator Marco Rubio announced his campaign for President of the United States. I’ve been a fan of Rubio since before I started this blog, and while I will hold off an endorsement until fall, I have to say that Marco will be on my shortlist. And by shortlist, I mean top 2.

Rubio is only middle of the pack in most public polling, but his potential is higher than anyone else in the field. Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are already at their ceiling, the 15-20% range. Huckabee, Santorum, and Carson split the 30% evangelical share about 12, 12, 6 respectively. Scott Walker is a boom and bust candidate. Cruz will top out at 7%, and Paul will falter soon.

Rubio, on the other hand, has the highest net support rating of any republican in the field, +53. That means that while Rubio is only middle of the pack in the polls, he is the most likely to benefit from any of the other candidates dropping out.

He has the ability to become a consensus candidate. In 2008 and 2012, we nominated a moderate that we hoped would appeal to conservatives. What we should have done was nominate a conservative that could appeal to moderates. Rubio proved that he could do this in his 2010 election.

In conclusion, Marco Rubio is one of the candidates most likely to succeed in the 2016 election, and I hope that all of you consider supporting him.


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