Comments on Iran Nuke Deal

Today, the United States and Iran reached a nuclear deal. This deal is a hollow shell that will allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon without the scrutiny of western media. Here is what I have to say about the deal.

Currently, the time estimated for Iran to generate enough nuclear material to create a bomb is 2-3 months. With the new deal, it will be 1 year. According to Secretary John Kerry, that’s a success. And while I’m not a major diplomat, I do understand Logic 101. And this deal is not even close to a success. The deal also does precious little to to remove the nuclear material already in Iran’s possessions. Even if this material never became enriched to the capacity of a nuclear bomb, it could already be used for a dirty bomb. In other words, Iran wouldn’t be able to flatten Tel Aviv, but it would be able to turn it into a nuclear ghost town for 100 years. Really nice Secretary Kerry!

Effectively, this deal allows Iran to gain a dirty bomb in exchange for relaxed sanctions. Great! The deal depends on the Irani leaders to enforce their end of the agreement. Here is a list of things that I trust more than the Irani Government: a Brian William’s war story, gas station sushi, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness monster.

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