Just Who Is Mark Everson?

Even though very few Americans know who he is, Mark Everson is currently one of two declared Republican candidates for President. I decided that it would only be fair to write a profile of him and his campaign platform.

Everson has worked in the administrations of Presidents Reagan and George W. Bush. As deputy director of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Everson oversaw the implementation of the landmark Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. In 2003, President Bush named Mark as Commissioner of the IRS. After leaving the Bush administration, Everson worked for both the Red Cross and AlliantGroup. He has also served in the administration of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.

Everson’s six point plan for America carves a unique niche within the republican field. For taxes, he supports a modified version of a consumption tax (something that I have written in support of in the past). He says his plan would move 150 million americans off of the Income Tax. He says that it is imperative that we hold the Banks accountable, “If a bank is too big to be managed properly and follow the law, we should break it up.” Everson believes in a robust national defense, and would support reinstating a draft. He believes in fiscal sanity, and would phase in spending changes over a period of years. While Everson does support amnesty and a path to citizenship, he also believes in securing the border and passing the E-verify system. Finally, Everson wants to take re-election out of presidential politics by amending the constitution to create a single 6 year term.

Mark’s website is markforamerica.com

He can be found on twitter @markforamerica



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