Why Donald Trump Should Be Taken Seriously

I personally believe that Donald Trump is actually going to run for president this time. Why? Because he has not only formed an exploratory committee, he has already started making hires and traveling. His number one issue will be getting people to take him seriously. I think that Donald Trump would have a great deal to bring to the Presidential debate.

  1. He has serious business experience. In a world where the political process is dominated by trial lawyers and lobbyists, having a major candidate with strong business experience would be refreshing. His no-nonsense approach to everything would be a welcomed counter to 8 years of President Obama’s beat-around-the-bush tactics.
  2. He’s an ideal executive. If elected President, Donald Trump would become the head of the Executive Branch. Through running all of his business organizations, Trump has serious executive experience. Probably more than anyone other than the Governors Bush, Walker, Pence, and Jindal (Christie and Kasich too, but they wouldn’t be credible).
  3. He doesn’t worry about making enemies. For many politicians, the forefront of decision making is not making enemies. This doesn’t worry Trump. You have a problem with him? YOU’RE FIRED! Capisce?

In conclusion, Trump is serious about 2016, and we need to start treating him that way.


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