Thoughts on Ted: Cruz’s Candidacy

Oh Ted Cruz! Every good show needs it’s snake oil salesman, and when the show is the 2016 Presidential Race, who makes a better salesman than Senator Ted Cruz? Cruz became the second republican (after Mark Everson) to announce a presidential campaign. His platform is well to the right of Barry Goldwater. So this could be fun!

First, he has absolutely no shot at the nomination. He is polling in single digits in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. He is trailing Bush, Walker, Rubio, Paul, etc. Even if he pulled an Obama (a surprisingly apt comparison) and wins the nomination, he is trailing Hillary Clinton by 25 points. He’s trailing Biden by 10 points. Joe Biden, as in the Joe Biden. That’s the political equivalent of an underhanded softball toss, and he is botching it. I just have to say this: what happened the last time we elected a 4th year freshman senator as President? Obama. That’s what happened. Cruz is just as inept as President Obama, and he has the same skills. He’s an incredible speaker, and very popular with the extremist element of his party, exactly as Obama was in ’08.


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