Defeating ISIL

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has spread quickly since it’s startling rise to power last summer. Now, it controls land throughout Iraq and Syria, with outposts across the Islamic realm. Cities in Libya, Algeria, and other middle eastern nations are claimed by the group. ISIL has affiliates in eleven nations: Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, the Philippines, Israel, Lebanon, Indonesia, Jordan, Somalia, and Afghanistan. Even worse, the United States does not yet have a clear, concise plan for defeating it. This is what we need to do:

First, we must name the enemy as it is. The President has called it a ‘death cult’ and ‘violent extremism’, just about anything other than what it is. Islamic Terrorism. In order for us to defeat the enemy, we must name it. We cannot fight something that we refuse to name. Imagine if FDR declared World War Two against ‘disillusioned hatred’ rather than Nazism. Or if Reagan had called Soviet Communism ‘a radical economic system’ rather than an Evil Empire.

Second, we must undertake a massive Air Strike against ISIL military targets. We must fight the enemy as fiercely as we possibly can. We must retake Mosul, Raqqa, Tikrit, Suleiman Beg, and Falluja, the towns and cities under complete ISIL control. We should also strategically take out the leaders of the group.

Host a summit of Middle Eastern nations to lead a coalition of fighters against ISIL and turn public opinion against the group. Finally, we should use this summit to promote stability within the nations, as well as democratic elections. We should also propose the creation of a Kurdish state out of northern Iraq and Syria.

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