2016 Candidate Analysis: Mike Pence

Mike Pence is likable, authentic, a full-spectrum conservative, a Governor with experience in the legislature, and is from a solidly red Midwestern state. In other words, he fits the mold for a Republican presidential nominee perfectly. He is great on the stump, and an even better retail politician.

  1. Prior Political Victories: A+. Pence served five terms in the House of Representatives, and was elected five times with never less than 60% of the vote. Pence was elected governor in 2012. He won the Republican Primary unopposed, demonstrating his ability to draw together the establishment and populist wings of the Republican Party. He went on to win a very contentious general election (Which included a very successful Libertarian candidate, who received over 100,00 votes).
  2. Broad Base Support: A+. Pence won the Republican Gubernatorial Primary unopposed, and has therefore demonstrated an ability to establish himself a a consensus candidate for all wings of the Republican Party. Unlike Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Rand Paul, Pence has demonstrated that he is a full spectrum conservative, not a cherry-picking conservative. After only one term in congress, he was elected to chair the Republican Study Committee, a right-wing caucus of house republicans. He later went on to serve as chairman of the Republican Caucus, which would require broad support from all wings of the GOP.
  3. Enemies: A-. Running in a contentious race, Trump created some enemies. However, he has far fewer enemies than most of his fellow contenders for the Republican Nomination.
  4. Fundraising Abilities: A+. In his 2012 gubernatorial bid, Pence set a fundraising record in his state by amassing a war chest of $4.9 million. He has a national donor network from his time in Congress, and from his position on the RGA’s executive committee. Mike Pence also has close ties to the Koch Brothers, and they have pledged to donate $889 million on the 2016 Presidential Campaign.
  5. Humility: A+. Mike Pence seems very humble. All of his speeches and TV appearances I have seen seem to show a modest, upright, midwestern ethic as well as a folksy charm, which will bode well for Iowa and South Carolina voters.
  6. Clean Record: A+. The closest thing to a scandal on Pence’s record is an allegation of censoring Facebook comments.
  7. Fortitude and Endurance: A+. I see no reason that Pence has ever given up. He is very successful and determined.

“On the Issues” Political Spectrum


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