2016 Candidate Analysis: Ted Cruz

As a rigid ideologue, Ted Cruz is easily the most conservative member of the senate. He is a very intriguing person- in a matter of a few years he has gone from a virtual unknown to shutting down the government, and nearly doing it again. He is almost certain to run for president, but would face a drastic uphill climb.

  1. Prior Political Victories: b. Cruz’s first (and only) election was spectacular. He came out of no where to win his republican primary, and, pardon the pun, “cruzed” to victory in the general election. But how hard is it for a republican to win a Texas general election? And in this section I’d also like to point out that Cruz has less political experience now than Obama did in ’08, and we all see how Obama’s administration has gone.
  2. Broad Base Support: D. Cruz is very, very popular among the far-right hardliners. If the Tea-party were a religion, he would be it’s Pope. But when you move slightly more to the center, Cruz’s support diminishes exponentially.  He is despised by the republican establishment, and is Mitch McConnell’s greatest headache. If he is the tea-party’s pope, he is the left-wing’s antichrist.
  3. Enemies: F-. If I had a lower grade, I would give it to him. He has more enemies than anyone in washington, republican or democratic. He has enemies on the left, the center, and most frustratingly on the right. There is no way that Cruz could win a general election.
  4. Fundraising Ability: A+. This is pretty much the only thing Cruz has going for him, but he really has it going for him. He has the immediate backing of powerful conservative PACs, and hundreds of thousands of donors across the country ready to open up their wallets for him.
  5. Humility: F-. Cruz is one of the least humble people in Washington, which is saying a lot for a city of politicians. He operates under his own rules, and on his own conditions. He truly believes that he is the most important person in whatever room he is in.
  6. Clean Record: F-. He shut down the government once, and he tried to do it again this year. He wants things his way, and he wants them now.
  7. Fortitude and Endurance: A+. When Cruz sets his mind to something, he gets it done. Whether that is passing legislation or shutting down the government, he gets it done.

“On the Issues” Political Spectrum

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