2016 Candidate Analysis: Scott Walker

Scott Walker would doubtlessly be a strong candidate in 2016. He is a blue state republican who, unlike Christie and Bush, is a staunch conservative. He won a recall election in 2012 with more votes than his original victory, and becoming the first governor to ever survive a recall election. He soundly won reelection in 2014 in what was expected to be a very close race.

  1. Prior Political Victories: A+. Walker has a battle tested electability case from his time as a republican in a blue state. His first two years were controversial, and included a heavy hit against public-sector unions. In 2012 he became the first governor ever to survive a recall election, and he even managed to win more votes in his recall election than his first election!  His 2014 campaign was expected to be very close, and he was running against a well-funded, union-backed moderate democrat: Mary Burke. Walker won re-election by 6 points.
  2. Broad Base Support: B. While Walker should have broad base support, he is not well known. What he does have going for him is this: he is conservative enough that the Tea Party thinks he is one of them, and has friends in very important establishment positions (including his buddy Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman). It should also be noted in this section that Walker is an underwhelming and uncharismatic speaker.
  3. Enemies: C. Most of Walker’s enemies come from the big labor unions. Early into his tenure in 2011, Walker led a crackdown on public-sector unions attempting collective bargaining. What he did was not really radical, but God forbid that the Union Bosses don’t get their way in a rust belt state. Walker metaphorically slapped his enemies in the face with his 2012 reelection in the recall.
  4. Fundraising: A+. Walker has mastered the art of big donations– his 2014 campaign raked in 8.2 million in the first half of 2014 alone. He is very close to Reince Priebus and has immediate access to the full resources of the RNC, and is close to the Koch Brothers, with their millions in his back pockets.
  5. Humility: A. Walker is quick to give credit where credit is due, and seems to truly love and care for the people of both Wisconsin and the United States.
  6. Clean Record: A-. Walker has a very strong conservative track record, and his anti-union stances have been the highlight of his administration. He has led a high profile battle against Obamacare, has reformed his state’s regulatory process, expanded school choice, and passed a voter ID law. He is nicked points, however, for a number of shady deals and fundraising contraversies.
  7. Fortitude and Endurance: A+. Walker won a re-election campaign in a recall in a blue state in a presidential cycle by 6 points. Enough said.

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