2016 Candidate Analysis: Chris Christie

Chris Christie is by far the most moderate candidate in the race. In theory, this should give him a built in advantage, but not necessarily. The U.S. Political scene has become much more polarized, and he will have to move to the right to win the Republican Primary, and the Democratic Party has moved so far left that he will receive little crossover vote, if any.

  1. Prior Political Victories: A+. Christie won a blue state by 4 points in his first ever election in 2009, and his re-election by 22 points, an unprecedented feat for a republican in a blue state. Whether Christie could potentially re-create this blue state success in a presidential bid is uncertain, and following the so-called BridgeGate scandal, he has been deeply hurt among the New Jersey constituency and his approval rating hovers in the high 20’s. Not a good jumping platform for a 2016 contender.
  2. Broad Base Support: D. There was once a time when Chris Christie was considered a popular consensus candidate, but that time died with BridgeGate. He is reviled by conservative republicans, and the establishment has flashier, less controversial options like Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney. Every wing and faction of the party seems to have a niche in this election, and Christie just doesn’t fit into one of them.
  3. Fundraising Abilities: A+. In the 2014 cycle, Christie was a sought out surrogate on the campaign trail, and raked in millions upon millions of dollars for Republican gubernatorial candidates, propelling them to wins in tough races in Florida and Wisconsin, as well as in historically blue states like Maryland and Illinois. He has a natural support basin among state-focused donors, and that could help him raise some good money, especially in Iowa.
  4. Humility: F-. Chris Christie is the least humble of the potential 2016ers, and he doesn’t mind telling you to shut up, sit down, or stop being an idiot. He is also more than happy to pull strings to get back at his political enemies, something that does’t sit well with me, and it won’t sit well with the republican base.
  5. Enemies: D. Christie’s bully tactics are well known, and it has created many enemies. Even worse, he is happy to punish his enemies, which I fundamentally dislike. Some of Christie’s most powerful enemies, are those on the right who control organizations like Freedom Works and Club for Growth.
  6. Clean Record: D. Christie’s record is not that great. It’s liberal by conservative standards, and is off-putting because of it’s marked by controversial tactics (like shutting down a bridge to get back at a mayor that disagreed with him).
  7. Fortitude and Endurance: A+. Anyone who can win a Governor’s election in as blue a state as New Jersey is more than enduring enough.

“On The Issues” Political Spectrum

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