2016 Candidate Analysis: Rand Paul

Rand Paul occupies a very unique, though rapidly growing, niche within the Republican Party. The libertarians. Rand Paul is unlike most libertarians, including his father, in that he has the ability to raise plenty of money almost on command. Also unlike other libertarians, he has succeeded in making himself semi-liked by the Party’s leaders. He has a cult-like following among young people and a reputation for going where no Republican has gone before.

  1. Prior Political Victories: A+. Rand Paul succeeded in coming out of nowhere to win a senate Primary, even though his opponent was effectively the crown-prince of the seat. Paul won his primary by 23% over his nearest opponent, and went on to win the General Election by 10 points. It is also worth noting in this section that Paul will likely have to choose whether to run for re-election to the senate or for President. Oddly, he has made concrete steps in both directions.
  2. Broad Base Support: D. Paul is the kind of politician that you either love or despise. While he has a virtual army of supporters ready to immediately support him, he also has powerful opponents who would be happy to spend millions to defeat him. I must give Paul credit, however, for his minority outreach. He has been actively trying, and somewhat succeeding, to bring African American and young voters to the Republican Party. He has also set an ambitious goal to win 1/3 of the African American vote if he runs for President.
  3. Fundraising Abilities: A+. Paul is a very prolific fundraiser, and in one single money bomb he raised over 1 million dollars. In his first campaign, he raised $6,727,033, an impressive feat, and nearly $2 million more than his Democratic opponent Jack Conway.
  4. Humility: D. Paul is very brash and doesn’t hesitate to tell you that he is right and you are wrong. He will participate in high profile media battles with fellow republicans, most recently with Marco Rubio (my 2 cents: as a Cuban, Rubio probably knows more about Cuba than Paul). He has traveled the country on basically a ‘brag tour’ which docks him considerably.
  5. Enemies: F-. Paul has more enemies than just about any presidential contender, save perhaps Ted Cruz. His enemies are not just on the left, but also the non-libertarian right. Most of his enemies have the potential to pour millions of dollars into defeating him.
  6. Clean Record: D. Paul has a very controversial record, and has bucked the republican party dozens of times, especially on key foreign policy initiatives. Personally, I think that a Paul Presidency, at least foreign policy wise, would be just as destructive as an Elizabeth Warren administration. Paul would loose lots of voters in the Primary on this issue.
  7. Fortitude and Endurance A+. When Paul picks a fight, he sticks to it through the end, and I respect that. If he choses to run for president, he will be a force to be reckoned with.

“On the Issues” Political Spectrum

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