2016 Candidate Analysis: Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush, if elected, would be the third member of the Bush family to serve as Commander in Chief. Another interesting fact is that the last time that the Republicans won a presidential election without a Bush on the ticket was 1972, and the last time without a Bush OR a Nixon was 1928. Bush was also the first potential Republican candidate to take concrete steps toward running.

  1. Prior Political Victories: A+. Jeb Bush has a very successful election record, winning swing state florida by 10 points in his first election, and 12 points in his re-election. He also managed to pull off 61% of the Hispanic vote and 14% of the African American vote, an impressive feat. A fluent spanish speaker and moderate on Immigration, he would be a force to be reckoned with in the Hispanic vote, which typically falls democratic.
  2. Broad Base Support: D. While loved by centrists and policy wonks, Jeb Bush does not have the appeal to the conservative wing of the Republican Party, and he would have to extensively cover himself on Common Core and Immigration. I think he would be able to recover from the Education issues, but he will loose more than a few votes because of Immigration. If he wins the Nomination, he will have to pick someone very, very conservative as a running mate or face a conservative revolt.
  3. Enemies: B. Jeb Bush has less to worry about from his liberal enemies than from his Conservative enemies. Conservative groups such as Freedom Works and Club for Growth have already raised thousands to combat him. If he were to win the nomination, he would likely face a number of defections from the Right, which we as a party hoping to win a close election cannot afford.
  4. Fundraising Abilities. A++. Jeb Bush is a prolific fundraiser, and his “people” have set an ambitious goal of 100 million before the primaries. He would have immediate access to the powerful Bush network of Donors, and a pre-existing base of the Wall-Street establishment. He is far and wide the best fundraiser in the field, and the best match for the the Clinton machine in terms of money.
  5. Humility: B+. Jeb Bush is relatively humble, but he cannot give a speech without invariable delving into his record on Education. I can’t fault him for running on his strengths, but it does get old after a while.
  6. Clean Record: A-. Jeb Bush has a strong record as Governor, turning Florida around and having passing strong education reform initiatives. He has had some controversial business dealings, which could hurt him, and many on the right see him as a moderate squish, especially on Immigration.
  7. Fortitude and Endurance: A-. Jeb Bush is relatively persistent, but has never faced an election as challenging as the one he would have to face in 2016. He is not necessarily able to connect with the average American, and would therefore be nicked some in this area.

“On the Issues” Political Spectrum

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