15 Goals For ’15

Now that Republicans have solidly taken majorities in both the House of Representatives and Senate, I believe that we must pursue a very ambitious agenda to show that we can govern, and that we’re a party for things, not just against them. So here are 15 things that we can fight for, and not against.

  1. Pass the Keystone Pipeline
  2. Deregulate the Private Sector
  3. Balance the Budget
  4. Secure the Border
  5. Start paying off the National Debt
  6. Pass the “40 Hour Workweek Bill”
  7. Sanction Iran
  8. Chip away at Obamacare
  9. Reform the Veterans’ Administration
  10. Reform Education
  11. Simplify Tax Code
  12. Reform Ethics Laws
  13. Audit the Federal Reserve
  14. Strategically counter ISIL
  15. Hold the Judicial System Accountable

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