Definitive Guide to 2016

1.) Rick Santorum

Experience: US Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1991-95; US Senator from Pennsylvania, 1995-2007, 2012 Republican Presidential Campaign
Strengths: Loyal support base and nationwide network from his last campaign, bridges gap between establishment and tea party, popular among working class voters.
Weaknesses: Too socially conservative? Seen by some as aggressive and tactless.
2.) Jeb Bush
Experience: Governor of Florida, 1999-2007
Strengths: very popular among hispanics, national fundraising network from his father and his brother.
Weaknesses: Bush last name still unpopular, too centrist for nomination?, weak on the stump.
3.) Rand Paul
Experience: Senator from Kentucky, 2011-present
Strengths: Loyal base, tea party support, youth appeal, libertarian appeal, has his father’s old network from 2008 and 2012, skilled debater
Weaknesses: Too eclectic, father’s baggage, unpopular with the establishment
3.) Chris Christie
Experience: Governor of New Jersey, 2010-present; US Attorney from New Jersey 2002-2008
Strengths: Skilled speaker and debater, national network, popular with establishment, republican from blue state
Weaknesses: Bridge scandal, bully image, unpopular with tea party
4.) Scott Walker
Experience: Governor of Wisconsin, 2011-present
Strengths: Skilled campaigner, bridges tea party-establishment gap, survived recall, friends in high places, blue state republican
Weaknesses: Bland speaker, not a household name, no college degree
5.) Ted Cruz
Experience: US Senator from Texas, 2013-present
Strengths: Dynamic Speaker, tea party support
Weaknesses: Little experience, too extreme, divides rather than unites
6.) Ben Carson
Experience: Neurosurgeon
Strengths: Popular among tea party, diversity, good at throwing red meat to base, good on TV
Weaknesses: No experience, gaffe prone, no fundraising network
7.) Marco Rubio
Experience: US Senator from Florida, 2011-present
Strengths: Incredible speaker, diversity, popular among hispanics, bridges tea party-establishment gap
Weaknesses: Only room for one floridian, immigration
8.) Rick Perry:
Experience: Governor of Texas, 2000-2014
Strengths: Strong conservative record, excites gun-rights activists, lap around the 2012 track
Weaknesses: Gaffe Prone, can’t make second first impression, what was that third thing again?
9.) Carly Fiorina
Experience: Business experience, Candidate for California Governor in 2010
Strengths: Is a woman, blue state republican
Weaknesses: liberal republican, unknown outside of california
10.) Lindsey Graham
Experience: Congressman from South Carolina, 1995-2003, US Senator from South Carolina, 2003-present
Strengths: Good on TV, popular with establishment, friends in high places
Weaknesses: Vilified by the right, immigration, crowded out by more credible candidates
1.) Hillary Clinton
Experience: US Senator from New York, 2001-2007, Secretary of State, 2009-2012
Strengths: Popular from all wings of the democratic party, woman, national network
Weaknesses: Horrible campaigner, uninspiring on the stump, Hillary fatigue already setting in, mounds of scandals, tied to Obama
2.) Joe Biden
Experience: US Senator from Delaware, 1973-2009; Vice President, 2009-present
Strengths: Next in line?, vast experience, national network
Weaknesses: Age, gaffe machine, poor campaigner, uninspiring
3.) Elizabeth Warren
Experience: US Senator from Massachusetts, 2013-present
Strengths: Popular among left, national name recognition
Weaknesses: unelectable?, tied to Obama, limited experience
4.) Jim Webb
Experience: US Senator from Virginia, 2007-2013
Strengths: populist, bipartisan appeal
Weaknesses: Jim Who? moderate, poor speaker
5.) Bernie Sanders
Experience: Congressman from Vermont, 2003-2007, Senator from Vermont, 2007-present
Strengths: Liberal Grassroots support
Weaknesses: looks like a loony toon, not actually a democrat, self proclaimed socialist, Bernie Who?

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