America Is In Desperate Need of Education Reform

Our country desperately needs education reform. Here are a couple simple ideas I’ve had for these reforms.

  1. Expand School Choice and Voucher Programs. Often times, it seems like private schools are for only the rich and the privileged, but by providing vouchers, we can allow many more people to have this opportunity. Along with vouchers, we should expand magnet schools, homeschooling, and online schooling. Under the current system, we operate our schools under a one size fits all mentality. This more than anything else has led to our lagging behind the rest of the world. I have friends who would do much better in an environment where they could be outside during the school day, I know people who would succeed more if they were homeschooled and were able to work in a 1-1 environment, and there are still others would do well in an online school.
  2. Reduce Class Size. It is a fact that in large classes, some students get left out. I’m in several classes with over 30 people, and in these classes, it is impossible to have a class discussion because not everyone can talk. In these classes, the outgoing students get a lot out of the class, but everyone else is sidelined. In a class size of 15, everyone can participate in a discussion, everyone’s ideas are shared, and everyone’s opinions are valued.
  3. Increase Usage of Trade Classes. The majority of students will not become doctors, lawyers, and physicists. And those who do should still have a skilled trade to fall back on during hard times. I believe that everyone should have to take a trade class before he or she can graduate.

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