The Death of The Southern Democrat

Yesterday, Mary Landrieu suffered a debilitating defeat. Now in the deep south, every governorship, senator’s seat, and state legislature is held by a republican.

 This is a dramatic change from just 14 years ago. When I was born, South Carolina had a democratic governor, a democratic senator, a democratic House of Representatives, and 2 democratic congressmen. Today, we have a republican governor, a solid republican majority in both legislative houses, both senators are republicans, and only one democratic congressman.

A large part of these recent defeats comes from the breaking apart of the old democrat coalition. Working class whites have, at least in the south, turned sharply away from the democratic party. And after a massive undertaking by the Republican party, African Americans and Latino Americans are becoming more comfortable with the GOP, and will continue to do so for the next couple years.

The days of the blue south are well over, and a new era of conservative prosperity has replaced it.


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