The Truth Comes Out About Vincent Sheheen

There is an old saying that the truth will always be found out. Tonight in the gubernatorial debate, the truth about radical liberal Vincent Sheheen came out. Here are just some of the facts about Vincent Sheheen:

  • Vincent Sheheen has accepted $28,000 from Far-Left Lobbying groups and almost $30,000 from Unions. Vincent Sheheen is well to the left of even the average SC Democrat. He has been bought by these unions and, if he were elected governor, would go to work for them, not us. Just take his record in the state senate. When Boeing planned to bring thousands of new jobs to SC, radical labor unions tried to stop Boeing. Governor Nikki Haley fought for us, and won. Vincent Sheheen took the side of the labor unions, not the people of South Carolina. 
  • He lies about Governor Haley’s record. No governor in recent memory has done more for our state’s education than Governor Nikki Haley. But Vincent Sheheen would have you believe that she has tried to cut teacher pay, fight education and hurt our children. This just isn’t so. Governor Haley has fought for us (I say us as a student in public school). Why does Sheheen do this? It’s all for political gain. He knows that if the truth comes out that he won’t receive the thousands of labor union dollars he requires for his campaign to stay afloat. He also claims that he supports reforming DSS, when in reality as a trial lawyer he has defended violent criminals from the DSS! In one instance, he saw a sex offender’s sentance converted from 10 years to 38 days! 
  • He is one of the most corrupt members of the state legislature. Actually, now that we’ve ousted Bobby Harrell from the speakership, he may be the single most corrupt member of the state legislature. In fact, he has repeatedly violated an ethics law that HE COAUTHORED!

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