Steps We Must Take To Reform The Economy

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post about policy, and I’ve been reading a book lately that focuses on the economy. So I have decided to write a post about how to fix the American Economy in a few (somewhat) simple steps.

  • Abolish the Department of Commerce and repeal the strangling restrictions on the free market. If we do this, we’ll bring billions more dollars into the economy and bring billions more in tax revenue. We’ll have hundreds of thousands more jobs, and the free market’s “invisible hand” will ensure that these are good paying jobs with good benefits and healthy retirement. In this years elections, I encourage you to vote for candidates who support the free market
  • Slash Private Income Taxes, Personal Savings Taxes, and Corporate Taxes. America has the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world, and yet people wonder why so many jobs are being outsourced. If we would cut these taxes as I suggested in a previous post where I introduced my “Phase Out Tax Plan”, we as a country would have hundreds of thousands of new jobs, good paying jobs, created every year. I encourage you to support candidates who support lower taxes and have a clear plan for reforming the tax code.
  • Reform Our Broken Schools System. The unfortunate truth is that American schools continue to lag behind those in the rest of the world. You can read about my plans to fix our schools in my previous post here. If your town or county has a school board election this fall, I encourage you to cast your vote for the most pro-reform candidate. In senate, congressional, and statewide elections, I encourage you to vote for a candidate who supports school choice.

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