Global Warming

One of the first questions that I ask any global warming believer is who is leading their movement. They always dodge this question because the answer is embarrassing. The answers are Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio. A politician who’s heyday passed in the 90’s, and a radical liberal hollywood super donor. Politicians are adept at convincing people of things, and actors are adept at making false things seem real. If global warming is science, shouldn’t the scientists be leading this charge, rather than Washington/Hollywood radicals? Even the United Nations has appointed Leonardo DiCaprio to serve as a “Climate Representative”, even though he has no scientific grounding and his carbon footprint is exponentially larger than the average american. The truth is that while the scientific community is relatively united that carbon emissions are bad, they are sharply divided over the potential consequences of CO2 emissions.

So until we can prove either way, I would appreciate it if global warming would stop being presented and tought as fact.


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