Priority Number 1: WIN THE SENATE

Why should republicans win the senate? It is most likely that our president will simply veto any meaningful legislation that we put forward. We can, however, stop his stacking of the courts. The fact of the matter is that he has been flooding federal courts with liberal, activist judges, and unless we pick up a majority in the US senate this year, he will continue to do so.

  • NO INCUMBENT REPUBLICAN CAN LOOSE THIS CYCLE. Mitch McConnell has all but obliterated Alison Grimes hopes of winning this November, but the real challenges are presented in two states that should be soundly republican. Georgia and Kansas. Georgia’s open seat is being contested by conservative republican David Perdue and “centrist” democrat Michelle Nunn. Perdue has held on to a slight lead in the polls, but it’s not enough to say that it’s safely in republican territory. And Kansas. Somehow, in a state that Mitt Romney carried by nearly 20%, Pat Roberts, a conservative republican, is trailing liberal independent Greg Orman. Fortunately, Roberts has contracted conservative heavy hitter Chris LaCivita. Hopefully, this man can save Pat Roberts and the Republican majority. So we flip the seats in West Virginia, Montana, and South Dakota and hold on in Kentucky, Kansas, and Georgia, we’re at 48. That means flip a minimum of 3 more seats.
  • The following are the races that matter, in order of importance: Arkansas, Louisiana, Iowa, North Carolina, Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire. Tom Cotton is consistently leading polls in Arkansas over democrat Mark Pryor. In Louisiana, Bill Cassidy is pulling ahead of the recently scandalized Mary Landreau. In Iowa, Joni Ernst just polled 6% over her radical opponent, Bruce Braley. Alaska, Colorado, and North Carolina are still in tossup territory. A recent poll in New Hampshire even has republican Scott Brown tied with liberal Jeane Sheheen. The issue here is largely the Democratic party’s massive warchests. The democrats have outraised republicans by 27 million dollars this cycle, and with the exception of the Koch brothers, most republican superdonors have kept their wallets pocketed. We truly need grassroots donations if we are going to defeat these well-funded-by-hollywood liberals out of office.
  • DONT VOTE LIBERTARIAN! Strategist Chris LaCivita was once quoted saying that, “Libertarians and quote-unquote Libertarian Minded republicans exist for only one purpose: to keep republicans from winning in the general election.” Our biggest danger is too many people voting libertarian in neck and neck senate races such as North Carolina and Georgia. If you or someone is planning to vote libertarian. Make this your mantra, get tee shirts, bumper stickers, banners, etc. saying, “friends dont let friends vote libertarian!”

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