Election Prediction: Senate Expired Term

Lindsey Graham will win this election, just as he did in his primary. The difference is that this time, he won’t win more than 50%. Most of my readers are aware that I endorsed Det Bowers in the senate primaries, but fewer of you know that Graham was my second choice, followed by Cash, Connor, Dunn, Bright and then Mace. So this election leaves us with the following choice: #2 for primary place (Lindsey Graham), Convicted Crack-Felon (Thomas Ravenel), anti-government libertarian (Martin Kocher), and unknown radical (Brad Hutto). The Conservative Chariot endorses Lindsey Graham. T-Rav, as his supporters know him, is polling at about 10%, Kocher at 4%, Graham at 45%, and Hutto at 33%. The remaining 8% is up for grabs.

The most interesting thing is that these 14% that goes to Kocher and Ravenel would almost exclusively break for Graham in a two way election. In other words, in a head to head match, Linsey would beat Hutto 65% to 35%.


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