15 Most Critical Elections This Year

The Senate:
1.) Alaska: Let’s retire Obama’s rubber stamp Mark Begich out of the senate and put Sullivan in there!
2.) Louisiana: Retire liberal washington insider Mary Landreau and get in Bill Cassidy.
3.) North Carolina: Kay Hagan is just as liberal as Elizabeth Warren, and North Carolina deserves better. Let’s put Thom Tillis in the senate.
4.) Iowa: radical liberal Tom Harkin is retiring, and we have an opportunity to make sure that we replace him with a constitutional conservative, Joni Ernst.
5.) Arkansas: Mark Pryor is a spineless election year politician. Tom Cotton will stand up for Arkansas.
6.) Kentucky: We must beat back far left insurgent Alison Lundergan Grimes and keep Mitch McConnell in the senate, this time as the majority leader.
7.) Kansas: It is imperative we keep Pat Roberts in the senate.
I can guarantee that we will win in Montana, South Dakota, and West Virginia.
8.) South Carolina: Nikki Haley has done great things for South Carolina, let’s give her four more years.
9.) Georgia: Jason Carter, radical leftist son of Jimmy Carter must be defeated and Nathan Deal deserves another term.
10.) Florida: Rick Scott has done great things for florida. And if we win this governorship, chances are we will carry florida in 2016.
11.) California: Neel Kashkari probably cannot win, but we need him if we ever hope to turn California purple, or even red.
12.) Maryland: Larry Hogan has a real chance to win in this blue state, let’s support him.
13.) Kansas: Sam Brownback must win another term if we are to keep Kansas red.
14.) Pennsylvania: Tom Corbett is a good governor, if a moderate. He deserves another term.
The House:
15.) Utah: Mia Love is not only a great leader, and is a refreshing face in a party looking to expand it’s base.

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