Vincent Sheheen is Uniquely Unfit to Lead South Carolina

Vincent Sheheen is running, again, for governor of my state. He would be the most radical leftist in the governor’s mansion since Daniel H. Chamberlain. Here are 6 reasons why Vincent Sheheen is uniquely unfit to lead South Carolina.

  1. He is a liberal democrat. Most of the SC democratic base is from the “Faith and Family Left” and moderate midlands democrats. They tend to fall in the center of the political spectrum, more in line with Charlie Christ or even Mark Pryor. Sheheen falls more with Elizabeth Warren.
  2. He is owned by unions. Vincent Sheheen’s policies are grounded in two groups. The DNC and the radical unions. One individual teacher’s union donated $5,700 to his campaign.
  3. He is owned by the DNC. Most democrats running in SC (i.e. Brad Hutto and Joyce Dickerson) maintain closer ties to the state Democrats than to the DNC. Vincent Sheheen is not one of these democrats. The DNC has paid for numerous ads for Sheheen and has donated $10,000 to his campaign (that goes a long way here).
  4. He is owned by lobbyists. Far left activists and lobbyists make up the single largest group of Sheheen donors. His campaign has accepted $28,000 from far left lobbying groups.
  5. He is one of the most corrupt members of the State Legislature. He has numerous ties to less than reputable powerbrokers, consultants, and advisors, and has even violated his own ethics reform act.
  6. He twists the facts beyond recognition. DSS has been a problem in South Carolina since at least the mid-80’s. Suddenly it is Nikki Haley’s fault. South Carolina’s unemployment has dropped by 6 points since 2010. And somehow that is his massive undertaking.

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