South Carolina Back in 2016 Spotlight

Iowa has had it’s month in the spotlight, after a who’s who of presidential hopefuls had descended on the Buckeye state, often touting their socially conservative stances to appeal to that base. But now they have all begun to travel to the Palmetto State, pushing border security and economic liberty. Rick Santorum has been here several times to back Henry McMaster for Lt. Governor, and as of today, Marco Rubio just led the keynote speech at a fundraiser for Rep. Jeff Duncan (arguably the most conservative member of our delegation) in Anderson (one of the most republican areas in the state), Rand Paul was in Rock Hill (an all-important population center) at a fundraiser for Mick Mulvaney (the states rights congressman), and Rick Perry was at the Capitol Building today with Nikki Haley, the day before the USC-Texas A&M game.

On the other side of the isle, Joe Biden gave the commencement speech at USC last may and spoke at Jim Clyburn’s (the sole democrat from our delegation) annual fish fry. Martin O’Malley, the only democratic hopeful I remotely like, was at a fundraiser for democratic candidates Vincent Sheheen (running for governor), and Bakari Sellers (running for Lt. Governor). Hillary and Warren have yet to visit my state (thankfully).

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